Umbrella Movement

When the protest in Hongkong against the chinese government began, I was nervous and I was worried about my friends there. A few months later, I decided to check out the current situation. When I arrived there, I became quickly aware, that I want to capture the situation, with my possibilities. I quickly realized that I did not want to go the usual route, because I wanted to know more about the people who are fighting for there right, without a really possible chance to win. 

So I decided to portrait the people in there environment where they felt comfortable. Mostly these were their homes or their work. And that was really great, because you can learn so much more about people on how they live or how they work.

The second picture was a portrait about how they are in private. This is the first picture, where you actually can see the person. On the third picture, they dress up like how the were on the streets. And this was very interesting, because I could see how they changed or even not. There were different ways to support the Umbrella Movement, like some where just sitting there, occupying the streets and reading books, others where fighting in the first row against the police and the government.

It was really great for me, how different people from different working classes got together and fighting for there rights. And there is something happening now, even more people now getting a fully conscious about whats right or wrong. Every day people are fighting there. Times they are a changin'.